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Saturday, September 4, 2010

For the sake of....

For the sake of the race, I wake up at 4:20am three days in a row.
For the sake of the race, I jump train even though there's nothing I hate more.
For the sake of the race, I will stay in my wall squat 30 seconds longer.
For the sake of the race, I wash my running clothes every day in hopes of smelling pretty.
For the sake of the race, I pass the brownies and munch the celery and hummus even though it gives me gas.
For the sake of the race, I partake in insane cardio workouts that make me feel like hurling.
For the sake of the race, I walk everywhere the long way just for extra work even with the toddler in tow in the wagon.
For the sake of the race, I strain to read the garmin so I can keep time on tempo runs.
For the sake of the race, I put on my bathing suit and let people look.
For the sake of the race, I seek out the hills I'd rather avoid.
For the sake of the race, I spend more time in awkard positions with my foam roller than my husband.
For the sake of the race, I bring my kids to the track with the tire to pull when no ones looking.
For the sake of the race, I gather strength never before known to my DNA.
For the sake of the race, I ignore my disability and treat it as reality instead of a limiting factor.
For the sake of the race, I deny my blood condition that keeps me running slower than dirt.
Because the race is about more than winning, more than finishing, more than starting. 
The race is about more than a run.
It's a heartbeat that cleanses the soul, frees the spirit, pushes past fear, and harvests hope. 
The race is about how far you've come, and how far you're goning.
The race is about your feet greeting destiny, about your sweat hydrating the earth and your lungs sharing air with the heavens.
For the sake of health, I race.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

If I am...

If I am an athlete..... It's by accident.  I stumbled upon it like catching your toe on a sidewalk crack and steadying yourself before the fall.  I really just wanted a time out.

If I am a runner...... It's because I fell in love with the road, the breeze and the way the moonlight makes love to the pavement.  I really just wanted new shoes.

If I am training.... It's because my soul convinced my heart to love embracing this life and my now got hooked on the idea of my tomorrow.  I really just wanted to eat banana bread.

If i am me.... It's because I am all of the above and so much more.  Fear may haunt my toes, but my feet move anyway. Obstacles may block my path, but I will always find another road.

If I am 'disabled' .... It's only because you see me that way.  God gave me less vision, so I must have missed that point of view.

Trying to blog again....

Hoping that it will stick this time :) Welcome (or welcome back to the RAMblings blog.