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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The birds and the bees of racing

Unspoken rules of racing go something like this... Or at least in the eves before a race this is how I feel...

1. A girl loves to run, a girl likes to set a goal and see what the hell she's made of. A girl, standing at the start line of her future forgets how good this sounded when she planned it lost in the steam of a quiet cup of tea.

2. A girl never forgives her commitment, especially to herself and all that she wants from this world and herself in it. A girl swallows fear and the impending sense of relentless need for the loo .... A girl will jump up and down and freeze her ass off in the shorts she never once wore running all for the sake of carrying less and the prayer that someone will snap at least one flattering picture she might some day stare at online and think, that's me how cool! I did that!

3. A girl laces and relaces the same shoe ten times for the right fit before the gun goes off. A girl looks around or listens around for the sense of the crowd and what they came for. A girl lets go of every possible limitation that could steal her breath or distract her step. A girl raises her head to the sky in one last silent prayer that no one she knows will actually be paying attention, unless of course she does well, in which case ....

4. And lastly, a girl throws hugs around like candy falling from a piƱata she wasn't supposed to break, knowing full well she should have protected herself from the possibility of getting hurt. A girl gives her all and takes no prisoners, why would she, they weigh too much to carry so far. A girl smiles and lets go.

5. A girl loves to run, so she does.

And ...

6. If she's a blind girl, she runs with help. She runs with a guide fearless and giving. She runs with supportive family, supportive friends. A blind girl remembers she wouldn't be running at all without her world around her lending a hand. So we all run together.