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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ultrarunning vs pregnancy

I was recently asked if I felt ultra running was comparable to pregnancy... This is what I came up with...

Ultrarunning vs pregnancy;

(in my NOT so humble opinion)

1. Pregnancy makes you bloated. As does ultrarunning.

2. Pregnancy gives you a reason to justify grumpy. As does ultrarunning.

3. Pregnancy makes you think sex is unsexy. Ultrarunning, after about 50k, does the same.

4. Pregnancy forces an entire wardrobe change. Ultrarunning demands it's own attire too.

5. Pregnancy has an end but you can never feel that until you're actually there and then you have to go through hell to get there. Likewise to ultrarunning.

6. Pregnancy is contagious. It looks great from the outside and everyone is doing it. (literally) ... Likewise to ultrarunning.

7. At the end of pregnancy you get a cranky pooing puking demanding baby. Ditto ultrarunning ...

I rest my case.