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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two weeks worth of coffee left to drink

I'm thinking perhaps I've lived my life in countdowns for far too long. And yet, here I sit again, counting down to race day, counting down to board exams, counting down to the beginnings of triathlon training, counting down to the next cup of coffee.  ... As if the stirring will move my dreams into focus and reshape reality into the stepping stones needed underfoot.

It's a chilly rainy day here in the Patch.  Perfect as always for a solo long run.  The heavens have cleared the path, created the way within the chaos for me to run. This, my 135 day of this "runstreak" .... will be.  No adjective there - it just will be. I'm not predrawing those descriptive lines, I'm not constricting it's possibilities.  Let it be.  By the grace of God and all that is good and peaceful, let it be.....

There is a calmness to this chaos.  There is a methodical manner in coping with the movements through the minefield.  It creates a stubbornness all too familiar to my senses.  It manifests itself in the moments of potential that take your breath away.  It whispers softly..... all is possible.... reach for it. 

Of course I reach in the darkness, from hope and into the mist in front.  I may not actually see any of it there  .... But believing is the most important step.  After all, this ain't no line dance... step out and break it down!

365 days of running current total = 682.28km Today's 20 will get me over 700km.... kinda cool :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Four Weeks From Now....

Transitions carry us from one point to another.  Transitions boggle our minds with frustrating moments of stages and inches of progress.  Training is transition.  Four weeks until race day.  Ottawa Half Marathon has my bib #  in it... Three weeks of long runs left.  Three weeks of speed work.  Three weeks of tempos.  Three weeks of figuring out what I'm made of.  Three weeks of healthy eating and stretching.  Three weeks of singing loudly off key and dancing around the living room when no one's home.

Transitions.  I'm in my cocoon.  You can't see it, but my wings are growing.  My colours are going to blow your mind.  Just wait until you see my wing span. 

Transitions.  What if I can't fly?

In the moments of quiet (few and far between in a house of five).... But in the moments of quiet, just after the birds start their praise, before the thundering feet of 3 year olds.... In those moments my heart steals my attention.  It says this, with every lub...

...... "You don't even realise..... you're life is lived in transitions"

And it seals it with each dub.....

Then the world takes over and you're caught in the swing. 

Time to get my run on.  Solo 18k waiting for me.  It's a nice dark day.  It's a great day to be alive and feel free. 

365 days of running total 587km....

Peace to you in running and all transitions.