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Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Finish

I know, it's a strange place to start a blog; 'the finish'. I have my reasons though. I'm a forward thinker, a perseverer, a persistent soul and more to the point; if I can't see the point I'm not in it.

So welcome, welcome one and all. My blog, my not so private space for ranting, venting and most importantly adventuring. And of course, like most bloggers out there, I do have my reasons for pursuing this grand investment, this not-so-thoughtless writing journey. I again hold no claims to fame in assuming that I am the first person to blog at the threshold of a life change. And indeed it is such a life change that has brought me here. So lets begin....

I am a mother, a wife, a legally blind person, and so much more. The more is the part I'm here to investigate. I'm about to be a student (again), about to leave my one year with a care giver, about to be busy busy busy. Needing a space and time to claim as my own, I have also made another decision. I have started to run. You might wonder, am I running away from or towards something. Let me refresh your memory to my initial paragraph. That should make it as clear as mud.

Imagine that.... My space, My time, My ambition, My energy. Not something for others, not something to further engage with responsibility - but a moment, a breath (one I've held for much too long) just for me.

So I'm returning to the beginning - which in this case is of course 'the finish'. What's the goal? To manage, to maintain, to finish, to stand tall in the face of adversary.

Why to change the world of course! Could there be any other reason to do anything?

In the words of b.h. then..... "with my own two hands"

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