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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer solstice 2013

"To see the summer sky
Is poetry, though never in the book it lie,
True poems flee"
         Emily Dickinson 

     Uncontainable expression burst through the clouds with the suns first rays on Summer Solstice 2013. Unrealistic dramatic attention we gave to detail this day of all days. As if sharing our runner feet motion might increase the earths spin, or perhaps grant us the illusion we'd caught up with it ever so briefly in time. Random gatherings of runners, some experienced, many not, came together at the Salomon Don Mills store June 22 2013 to honor summer solstice. And every ninety minutes these groups left the concrete jungle on route in our beautiful Salomon test gear, to the city's hidden trails.     

     Under cover, tucked away, these small boarded woods gave us a glimpse, a taste, a fragment, of natures fresh summer scent (or rain depending on which loop it was). Each turn, each root, stone, and bridge teased our senses with lingering bull frog calls, splattering mud on our legs and witnessing the odd ambitious chin up (or 7 thank you!) done on course. Every 8-10k loop we ran, we ran together, sharing space, celebrating our affection or slight compulsion for this thing we call a running hobby. Every step triggering a new muscle memory in our "soles" for gratitude towards this freedom to run on our own terms. 

     Graciously several runners slowed and took turns guiding me through these loops. Conversation, singing, laughing and sometimes a delicate listening silence filled the air between us all.  Of course my favourite parts were spent in the rain, when I stood still briefly and spun around palms to the heavens, grateful for inclusion, thankful for all variations of this life, moved to soulful bursting smiles to merely be present this day.  I so enjoyed running with new to running friends, moving through part of that journey with them and celebrating their accomplishments. 

     All day long dawn to dusk runners came. They tried different shoes on the trail. They met seasoned runners who offered both wisdom and hope. They brought questions, insight and uplifting passion each loop. I could easily have lost myself to this infectious spirited group of people. I count myself blessed to have participated in this annual event. 

Thank you Salomon for having me! And special thank you to those who bravely helped guide loops for me, helping me to achieve 35 miles to celebrate my 35 years; Kelly W, Scott G, Ryan B, Sam L, Scott B, and Josh Y. I'd still be in the woods if it weren't for all of you. Thank you.

....and now, home safe, speedcross runners drying in the summer sun, heart full, happy girl.... Plots next adventure ... Fearlessly of course!

Much love on the run,

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Joshua Young said...

Hey Rhonda. It was a treat to guide you though the trails at the Solstice. Your pure joy of running and any activity outdoors is truly infectious. Happy Belated B-day.... see you soon