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Friday, July 19, 2013

Braving Tethered Open Water Swimming

     "Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start". Nido Qubein 

Clouds only temporarily hide the sun, the moon, the stars. However they are always there, just beyond reach, just beyond struggle, just past your very best "I can't". Strength is an empty metaphor without fierce desire to challenge the unknown. Dreams are the seeds of your goals harvest, but only if you plant them in mineral rich dirt, only if you nourish them every breath, only if you tirelessly weed them and grant them space to consume all doubt.

I've been asked; why swim 13km in open water? Why tether to three different brave guides to accomplish a goal that seems to flirt fearlessly with "stupid"? My answer is another question; why ever enter into conflict with yourself and what you know you can currently accomplish? For the sake of growth of course! Sometimes UNDEFINING is the hardest work we do. Sometimes in search of new ground we must first leap into the open abyss of possibility in front of us and just let ourselves float in trust.

"Average people do what they say as long as it's convenient" Klemmer

In efforts to embrace chaos, to weaken accepted boundaries, to show the world that "disability" means nothing.... This is why 13km of tethered OWS at sunrise. To the best of my every planted dream seed 10 months ago, one stroke, one kick, one breath at a time - for as long as it takes.  There is a certain peace found under water. When the big bright sky steals away all of your sight, all of your direction and embraces you with complete abandon... All you have left is trust.  Three dimensional sensory shifting and the cosmic awareness of just how small you truly are. How finite. Movement against or with the current, utterly reliant on your effort. It is in this resonating moment that you must decide, finally, what kind of person will I be?

I say; be daring, be brave, and fight for your amazing you.... EVERY DAY....

Much love,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge everyone who has helped with this swim. Through the training, the planning, the coaching, the transport to pools and lakes, the bravery, the heart, the love... There is no possible way I could have done any of it without all your support. Thank you for believing in me enough to make this happen!

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