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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the heat

The cold weather is calling my name.  That's not true, it's calling me names.  It taunts me with words like whimp and chicken.  My third year running and first year of no outdoor winter running. 

I am no stranger to the 8:00pm beginnings of a -30C 17km runs that land you with frostbite.  I can still remember the tingling of blood returning to the proper vessels in my legs and arms three hours post crazy runs.  They are thrilling, these runs... character building and soul fulfilling.  They also remind you that you are not invincible.  A hard pill to swallow.

This year, my last of college, with guides tricky to place and schedule harder to control.... all runs are inside.  I figure it's a test of internal motivation.  A push to see how long you can hold on to the memory of the wind in your hair, the car soaking you with muddy water for fun, the crazy morning coffee traffic that has no patience for runners.  

Thankfully I'm stubborn.  (ok that's an understatement)

The snow can only last so long.  The guides have already been in touch.  Spring, groundhog or not - will eventually come.  The flowers will bloom, the sinuses will start to inflame and my not so new but still very white shoes will meet gravel for the first time.  Wonder if I'm the only one who believes shoes are still virgin until the mud encrusts itself in every available space?

Temporarily displaced is a good way to look at my winter of indoor running.  But hey, what runner hasn't had to adapt or alter a training plan due to injury, responsibility or thunderstorm?

365 days of running current total - 219.97 km

Happy day 40!!!

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