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Monday, February 21, 2011

Stirring Silence...

It is the season for timeless words in my head. They push me to memories and tempt me to linger. There is nothing more fearsome then standing still.  Stillness seeps into the fibres of your soul pushing you to seek fault in your skin.  Memories serve to inspire a smile, and to push you towards a new goal.

February is nearly over.  That crisp glistening snow has melted into the sacred pile of mush that inches its way into your path as if to say.... I dare you to jump... Memories of muddy snowpants and days of rubber boots to come.  And all of it, the smell of rotten worms in the air, the nearness of grass sleeping under slush, the swing of the empty bird feeder..... all of it reminds me that my shoes have yet to embrace those trails.  Their rocks, their rubble, their wash out runner traps - all call to my shoes in their sleep.  Like a rite of passage that every good shoe must endure.  The puberty of sneakers. White laces no more.

Yesterdays sweat droplets stain upon last weeks on the treadmill dashboard.  And my bike waits in the basement making friends with the spiders.  Every day a new day, every day a minute more of sun.  Every day another reason to smile.  Every day a reason to run.....

Day 52

Current 51 day total - 281.27km

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