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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Green beer and pots of gold

Tomorrow our happy running family will be headed to Toronto for the Achilles 5k st. Pattys run/walk.  Excited about this magical moment, its been too long since someone said "go!" and meant it.  Promising myself no racing until the completion of school is a long dry task.  It mimics taper in the oddest ways. Wake up early and instinctively wonder if I have the right socks on for my runners - then realise it's just my books I'm looking for.  Feeling incomplete.  Making due.  Managing. Surrounding myself with wonderful inspiring athletes who share their tales of races and successes.  It's bitter sweet.

Even tomorrow's race isn't a true race.  I'll be cheering on my 9yo and hubby, and walking with my 12yo and 3yo.  Most importantly welcoming back my guide post chemo treatments.  He was very much missed.  So tomorrow is a walk, followed of course by green beer and veggie chili.

Ottawa half marathon is so far away, and yet not far at all.  The snow needs to melt.  The grass needs to grow, the bees buzz and my feet run free.

One step at a time girl... one step at a time.

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