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Saturday, September 3, 2011

On The Brink

Gathering courage in the quiet.  Speaking the words to myself.  Establishing a game plan.  Detailing my finish.  Mounting that hill.  Sweeping fear away.  Lost in the details of tomorrow.  Lingering in the thought of this goal so intensely set in the supports of my soul.  Every corner another moment to steal me away.  Every minute a reason to hold my breath in anticipation of this beautiful beginning. Dancing to crappy music just because it has a beat and my spirit can't be denied anymore.  Turning the music up too loud and singing loudly off key without remorse for my spectators.  The taper dance? the new life dance? .... Today's dance... This race... My race... Tomorrow's race... and my only serious plan: smile forever, live forever..... and carefully count butterflies on the breeze along the way.

Day 245 (yesterday) of 365 days of running current total - 1300.59km
today a running rest day.... 1km to get it done....
tomorrow Miltons Women's Only Sprint Triathlon... In a thunderstorm :)   

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