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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dancing in the dark

Toddler 3 has this habit - it's cute, adorable even. He dances, he jigs, he swings his little baby hips and puts his hands at hip level with the palms out and grins bigger than a kid at a birthday party. He is my movable, grovable, entertaining toddler. His only down fall is the choice of music - dance music. You know that car that drives by and makes you clench your jaw and wonder 'who in their right mind would listen to that racket'....? Yeah, that's become my car, my ears, my heart thumping and my toddler in the back seat grinning and swinging his hips in the car seat. Baby Enstein hath nothing on my toddler!

But here's the thing, it's catching on. Kid's 1 and 2 are joining in. Kid 1 surprised me, she is particularly shy and into chillin' on the couch with a good book. Kid 2 is very expressive and exhaustively emotional. And now they are all dancing. Dancing unashamed and uninhibited, with the lights on, and the curtains open. And that's saying something as we live on a very busy street. But I have noticed - they don't care. They dance, they laugh, they are unafraid. They are the smartest people I know! (Of course I'd like to think my genes had something to do with that)

This whole back to school, back to crowds, back to other peoples schedules, other mindsets, bedtimes that matter, laundry that can't be done 'whenever', meals that must be made ahead, three minutes of shower time booked two weeks in advance, ..... deep zen breathing..... thank goodness there is dark chocolate! It has taken its toll. I wish my hair would turn grey, I have earned it! Kids 1 and 2 come flying off the school bus ready to gab and chat and talk talk talk..... toddler 3 bounces off his bottom and comes flying at me to nurse the moment my feet come off the bus. It's challenging to find the clutch, the means to change gears at the end of a long ( or short) day of classes. I feel most times like I"m driving automatic and hit the breaks searching for the clutch. (That was probably the biggest visual metaphor I've ever used! And that's saying something from a legally blind person)

So my epiphany moment. My kids, they have it figured out. Dam the blinds and the neighbours! To heck with criticism! I need an outlet just as much as the next six year old.... I'm dancing too! Life is a dance anyway.... my footwork needs some work. So today my musical quote has no credit as I don' t know who sings it but they say "just dance". is there room on your dance card?

Running log update - I ran my first race yesterday. I have been doing interval running up until now but yesterday I didn't stop. I also haven't ever gone over 3 km. And yesterday I hit 4.1km. How very exciting. IT made the chocolate taste so much better today. My total is lost in my head, but I think we are up to around 36km and the cell dollar is trading higher today around 89 ATP!

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