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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Up straight and aligned with the stars. Today it occurred to me that public transportation is an exercise in postural maintenance. In class we have been learning proper body mechanics so that when our three years of education are over we can go to work without burning ourselves out and wearing out our bodies. What does all this mean? It's another futile effort in retraining the mommy brain to take care of the mommy. Public transportation denies me the ability to watch my seated posture. Usually I'm too busy trying not to toss my cookies in order to concentrate on sitting up straight. But here's the kicker - in class, we are graded on it.

If there is one way to make me stand/sit up straight, it's to deny me A's.

Wait there's more.... Posture is not just about proper body stance; it incorporates so much more. It says huge amounts as to your ability to not only have confidence, but project confidence. It is not merely physical, but mental and emotional. Like bad hair days are completely linked to moods and outlooks - posture is too. The positive feedback loop (aha see I have been paying attention in class) that runs this is also a kicker. Because if you slouch (mentally and physically) then you feel run down and depressed - which in turn causes you to slouch and that in turn lead to more run down feelings, which in turn.... You get the idea. And also just like a positive feedback loop there is an end in sight (like childbirth.... wow there's the baby!), only with posture its about life changing moments. Defining moments where you have to be still and breathe and listen to your breathing and think about deciding how to proceed - before you even contemplate proceeding.

Stop now and breathe....

And again......

Did you feel it? When you stop and correct the breathing pattern your busy day let get away from you.... your posture changes. They talk about meditation altering stress levels, about yoga strengthening your mind, about exercise increasing your self esteem.... I think well of course! They all remind us to stop. To think for one tiny millisecond of time about our breathing, about our lives, our direction and our purpose... and specifically our posture. And if all else fails, ask someone to grade your posture for you.

Tomorrow morning is my last practice run before my first in race run. I'm hoping all goes well. I'm hoping the baby sleeps, dear hubby doesn't snore, the kids don't get up early. I am hoping I don't forget how to breathe. Tomorrow is also my first day of tests. Two in one day. How very exciting.

And now I feel, like FFF says "like I'm standing for the first time"....

Running log update - somewhere around 29km.

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